Bamboo Sources

Bamboo can be obtained in either cut shafts or even as live plants. Shafting will vary in quality and price, depending upon the source; although you may be able to find a few good shafts from the "Martha Stewart" tomato stakes that are sold at K-Mart (inexpensive), to get consistent, good-quality shafts, you will probably have to buy them from a source that specializes in them.

Shafting can be bought in different stages-- raw, heated/straightened, partially finished arrows and completed arrows; prices will reflect the stage.

You can even buy plants and grow your own! The bamboo used for Japanese arrows, "Pseudosasa japonica" (Korean arrow bamboo, "Sasa Coreana" seems to be not available in the US as plants) is available as plants. The plants grow to be 2-5 meters (yards) high and spread. They are hardy to -5 F, but do better in warmer climes. Once started, they need very little attention to thrive.

I will add bamboo sources here, as they become available to me. I am looking into bringing quantities of raw arrow bamboo to the States from Korea, but it may become cost-prohibitive (unless an extremely large quantity were ordered); still, I will look into it.

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